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Obsolescence management refers to the activities that are undertaken to mitigate the effects of obsolescence. Activities can include last-time buys, life-time buys and obsolescence monitoring, Obsolescence forecasting.

Now-a-days OEMs and EMS companies are regularly encountering problems with critical components when they discover that these are no longer available. These may be required for an imminent assembly job for which inventory and/or WIP is already building up and, to make matters worse, too often they only find out about the component obsolescence issue when it is too late. It's a fact that every electronic component will eventually reach the end of its production (known as end of life or EOL). For electronics OEMs, obsolete components therefore equate to a significant risk, which is why effective component obsolescence management is essential.

Here at Copperprint, we're experts in component obsolescence management and know that risk can be mitigated by planning ahead and having access to detailed information. We subscribe to various on-line databases that give up to date information on the lifecycle status of electronic components. In addition to electronic component risk assessments, we use proven component obsolescence strategies to improve end product lifecycle. For example, our centralized component obsolescence notification system allows us to future-proof your component purchases. We continually monitor component obsolescence status to deliver early warnings to your product design team so you can avoid the pitfalls of obsolete electronic components from the outset.

Copperprint’s Obsolescence Management Services enable customers to:

  • Evaluate product life cycle at the design stage itself
  • Identify high risk components in active products
  • Deliver early warnings, enabling obsolescence planning
  • Define last time buy strategies
  • Minimize risk of obsolescence by identifying second sources


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